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SaaSy™ changes everything. Finally, the missing 90% of infrastructure needed to run a successful subscription-based service, available in a single solution. Rather than spend valuable years building and maintaining your e-commerce infrastructure or developing it around a basic recurring billing solution with limited functionality, from here on you can focus exclusively on the development and marketing of your subscription-based service, leaving everything else to us.

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Welcome to the Online Retail Fitting Room


Ever went to a retail shop in a mall to buy clothes..? Liked that suit or that dress on you but didnt want to go through the hassle of changing and trying it out to save time / effort? Show of Hands if you have been through that experience ;)

MimicMe is an online fitting room that enables you to fit and mix & match clothes, shoes and accessories online with their personal virtual model. These units can be placed in the shops where you can try out how you look like in different clothes in seconds which will help you in better decision making on what works best for you.

MimicMe has developed the world’s first revolutionary 3D garment digitisation process based on existing product pictures. This enables MimicMe to offer a high quality and affordable solution that is able to deal with high volume collections and quick inventory turnaround times.

My View: Needless to say.. its needed.. may spoil our spending habits by bieng tempted to buy more than that one dress you intended to buy as the software makes you look good on almost all the new collections! Be Wise. Shop Smart :)

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No Pain. All Gain. Online Learning with a Twist


Ordinary People. Extraordinary Knowledge.

In a world where technology is changing everything, the dusty chalkboard still hangs over classrooms full of students who had lost interest before they walked through the door.

Learnable has created a vibrant environment where students gain practical and usable skills on topics they are passionate about. Learnable teachers deliver training that they truly believe in.

Knowledge is power. Its so weightless you can take it with you anywhere you want. Right now you can get paid for your skills and knowledge. For something you do better than the rest. I know you do. We are all blessed with that something special. Make use of it.. Benefit others. go to Learnable to explore how you can share your knowledge and also earn!

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Pay by Mobile Phone instead of your Credit Card


Onebip is the safest way to pay online with your mobile phone. It allows you to shop online without using a credit card or bank account. One can use mobile to pay for online games, virtual goods, e-commerce..

In other words: turn your mobile phone credit into money. With onebip you can pay online without revealing your personal mobile phone number and authorize all your mobile phone payments with a click!

I strongly believe in a Internet free and open where everyone can access best technologies at a the lowest possible cost. Today’s online payment solutions are not well suited for end users and this solution helps.

With Onebip you can:

– Shop online with your mobile. No need for a bank account or credit card.
– Send money. Transfer money to your friends and family with your mobile.
– Get paid. Accept mobile phone payments for items you sell or request money to your friends.

My View: Now thats creating value by supplying demand of a dormant need which was already there. Am testing it myself and it works! check it out.. may be you can help people with this service and charge them an acceptable fee ;)

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Top 40 IPhone Apps you may just Enjoy

Its a Mad Mad Mad App World!. Iphone wouldnt be great without these apps. Below is my pick from the best apps you may just like to explore.

1. Instagram – Take a photo or select one from your library, apply a visual effect to it and then post it to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, or Foursquare.

2. Price Check by Amazon – This app offers an easy, effective way to check the price of physical goods in a store to see if you can get it cheaper online.

3. Find My iPhone – With this, you can see where your phone is on a map, display a message, lock the phone or completely wipe it.

4. Google Voice – With Google Voice, you can replace your calling plan with a unique number that includes dialing, texting, voicemail, and message transcription.

5. Twitter – How many times a day do you really refresh it. Every body Knows it ;)

6. DropBox – It helps you to back up your files on the cloud. You can access files on your pc on your mobile using this free account.

7. SpringPad – SpringPad really steps up mobile notetaking. You can write a quick memo, take a snapshot, scan a barcode of an item to remember, or have the app search nearby shops and restaurants to add.

8. Foursquare – Checking in is now an obsession with millions of people, and they can thank Foursquare. Tell people where you are, get mayorships, badges, and maybe some other rewards. The latest update just added comments and photo checkin capabilities.

9. Skyfire Web Browser – It offers us a way to watch Flash videos from the web on our iPhone

10. Kindle – Just boot up the app and you can continue reading fav titles yourfrom where you last left off.

11. Word Lens – Its Impressive!. Aim your phone at anything with standard printed writing on it in another language (a sign, newspaper, etc.) and Word Lens will replace it with translated copy. The amazing thing is that it will do it in realtime.

12. Groupon – You dont need an introduction here. You see their ads all over the web.

13. Hashable – If you are a heavy networker or just like introducing people, Hashable is the app for you. It lets you introduce people via Twitter or email and annotate all your meetings with hashtags like #lunch or #justmet so that you can go back later and search through them.

Top Entertainment Apps

14. Netflix – I’m a huge fan of Netflix streaming and this app is a great way to watch streamed content right on your iPhone.
15. Hulu
16. TuneIn Radio – My Favorite. Listen to world radio and popular useful podcasts
17. Rhapsody – With the Rhapsody app, you can listen to as much music from the service as you like without needing an active Internet connection
18. TextPics

Besides there are Plenty of Iphone games which you can find here at Top iPhone Games

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